Intelligent software is nothing without Intelligent Support.

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Close customer support is one of our core values at StockIQ, so we provide a complete suite of services to ensure your success. We will integrate StockIQ with your ERP, provide training at the end of the implementation, and be your first point of contact for any questions or problems that arise in your business. Give us a call, we're here to help!


StockIQ is integrated with the following ERP systems, with more coming every day. If you have an ERP system, we can integrate to it.


At StockIQ, we believe that it's our responsibility to help you get the most out of StockIQ, so we strive to act like a new member of your team, during the implementation, and beyond

Full Service Implementation

StockIQ is with you for the entire implementation. We will manage the project, handle the integration (unless you want to do it), do remote or on-site training at completion, and check in with you continuously after go-live.

Low IT Impact

StockIQ is designed to be as low-impact to your IT team as possible. Experience has taught us that even if you do have an IT team, they are always incredibly busy. So, after a small initial IT checklist, StockIQ is completely transparent to your IT team. We manage all updates, backups, and support questions remotely.

Modern Platform

StockIQ is built on a fresh, modern software platform using mainstream, easy-to-acquire software, so it will be low-cost and easy to maintain StockIQ's infrastructure into the future - often times your existing servers and software can host StockIQ without any additional cost, or, if you host in the cloud, no additional IT workload at all.


We believe that StockIQ is the most intuitive, easy-to-use supply chain planning solution. However, a few pointers never hurts!