Demand Re-Mapping for a Responsive Supply Chain

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The hallmarks of today’s supply chain are volatility, change, and fluctuations. Consumer preferences shift on a dime, the economy swings wildly, and global challenges can lead to unexpected shortages and delays. To thrive in this unpredictable environment, inventory-based businesses can create responsive supply chains that adjust and react in real time. This is known as […]

Warehouse Automation Systems and Trends in 2024

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Warehouses are undergoing a digital revolution, fueled by developing technologies, the rise of e-commerce, and shifting consumer expectations. While warehouse automation systems are not new, there are many recent advancements and trends to watch out for in 2024, which warehouse managers and business owners should be aware of. Warehouse automation has played a significant role […]

What is Replenishment Optimization?

Inventory-based businesses are complex, dynamic operations, which require effective inventory management to be successful. For any business dealing with stock, it’s important to strategically control and optimize this inventory to maintain smooth operations, consistently meet customer demands, and achieve financial goals. To maintain this delicate balance of meeting supply and demand, businesses can use replenishment […]

Demand Planning Vs. Supply Planning: Understanding the Key Differences

Many processes dictate how inventory-based businesses operate, and to optimize operations and maximize profitability leaders must understand them and accurately deploy them. Two common processes that are found in this space are demand planning and supply planning. While these terms might sound similar, they’re quite different processes, which act as two sides of the same […]

What to Look for in Demand Planning and Forecasting Tools

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In today’s inventory-based business landscape, organizations face unprecedented challenges and operate in a fast-paced and ever-evolving ecosystem. Global markets can quickly shift, consumer behaviors rapidly change, and technological advancements contribute to an advanced pace of business and customer expectations. To best meet customer demand and to be prepared for flexible inventory needs, organizations can turn […]

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Top 10 Inventory Practices of Top Performing Distributors

What differentiates high-performing distributors from the rest of the pack? They're implementing these best practices for inventory management.

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