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Want to learn how to cut down on stockouts and improve service? Our team of experts shares all you need to know –– from reducing inventory levels to planning ahead, so you can take control of your supply chain — the easy way.

Guides, videos, and tools for supply chain success

Take control of your supply chain today with StockIQ tutorials that cover it all — from keeping track of goods to planning how they move. Whether you're starting out or looking to get better, we've got a breakdown just for you.

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Statistical Forecasting with Jeff and Jeffrey

Jeff Woodmansee and Jeffrey Porter at StockIQ will review Statistical Forecasting.

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Goals of Forecasting

Jeffrey Porter and Jeff Woodmansee at StockIQ share their insights into the Goal of Forecasting.

“Stock IQ has provided drastic improvement on the way we manage sporadic and slow moving inventory. StockIQ does a great job of suggesting the right products and right quantities on our purchase orders”

“The software is very intuitive, making for a rapid adoption with the planners. The planning team was up and running quickly and is planning with confidence.”

“StockIQ to the rescue, 3 week implementation replaced insufficient planning functionality in new ERP”

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Top 10 Inventory Practices of Top Performing Distributors

What differentiates high-performing distributors from the rest of the pack? They're implementing these best practices for inventory management.

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