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Improve your inventory game with SAP Business One and StockIQ

What you get with
SAP Business One + StockIQ

Precision Forecasting

Advanced algorithms outperform SAP Business One. Precise demand forecasts tailored to your business needs.

Dynamic Replenishment Strategies

Adjusts in real-time to demand and supply changes. Minimize stockouts and excess inventory costs effectively.

Easy Ordering

Launch orders in minutes. Intuitive insights outshine SAP Business One. Proactive alerts and visualizations to inform inventory decisions.

Suite Features

Explore the benefits of Stock IQ

Suite Features

Explore the benefits of Stock IQ

Browser-Based Interface

Cloud or On-Premise Installation

Automated ERP Data Import

Executive Dashboards

Planner Dashboards

SIOP Process Support

Alert / Exception Management

Custom Reports

Reports API

Configurable & Shareable User Views

Unlimited Users

ERP Data Quality Reporting

Get ahead of stock outs, delays, excesses, and shortages. We’ll calculate smart safety stock, and alert you to potential supply chain problems along with recommendations. Have confidence knowing you’ll never be caught off guard.


With StockIQ

Automatic ABC Classification

XYZ (Forecastability) Classification

Statistical Safety, Target, and Max Calculations

Time-Phased Safety Stock (Seasonality etc)

Economic Order Quantity (EOQ) Calculation

Full Bill of Materials support (Explosion, MRP, etc)

Stockout Tracking + Analysis

Projected Stockout Prediction

Excess Item Detection

Projected Excess Prediction

Sporadic Item Detection

New Item Exception Tracking

Dead and Slow Moving Inventory Detection

Turns Reporting by Item, Warehouse, etc.

Service Level Tracking & Calculation

Customer-Level Service Level Calculation

Service Level Simulation + Analysis

Historical and Projected Inventory Levels by Item, Warehouse, etc.

Expedite Recommendations

De-Expedite Recommendations

Inventory Lot Expiration and Expiration Forecasting

Discontinued Item Reporting + Depletion/Runout Prediction

Warehouse-Level Stock Mix Optimization by Budget

Save time with StockIQ’s automated forecasting across customers, channels, and SKUs—all while improving forecast accuracy. Tweak our smart algorithms to fit your unique situation.


With StockIQ

> 12 Months Forecast Horizon

Product Hierarchy Forecasting

Top-Down and Bottom-Up Forecasting

Generate Statistical Forecasts At All Forecast Hierarchy Levels

Multiple Forecast Algorithms

Customer-Level Forecasting

Channel-Level Forecasting

Seasonality Detection

Top-Down Seasonality Capability

Custom Seasonality Indexes

Forecast Simulations

New Part Forecast Wizard

Exceptional Demand Exclusion / Events

Lost Sales Detection

Under- and Over-Forecast Exception Reporting

Manual vs Statistical Forecast Exception Reporting

Short Life Cycle Product Forecasting

Concurrent Weekly / Monthly Forecasting

Multiple Forecast Series (Sales Forecast, Budget Forecast etc.)

Historical Forecast Snapshots & Error Reporting

Forecast in Units/Cogs/Revenue

Monthly/Weekly Demand Pattern Profiling

View Specific Sales Orders in Demand History

Current Forecast Period Prediction

Import Demand Adjustments

Forecast Freeze Periods

Plan like a pro. Our smart replenishment recommendations factor in your order minimums and multiples, and supplier policies. Avoid double entry and let StockIQ automatically push orders into your ERP.


With StockIQ

Full Time-Phased Replenishment Planning (DRP)

Direct-To-ERP Order Integration

Dynamic Order Lookahead / Extra Days Coverage

Hub + Spoke Ordering & Dependency Management

Order Targeting by Units, Volume, Weight, etc.

Container (Order) Optimization and Loading

Multiple Order Policies

Matrix based Order Policy Planning

Item/Warehouse/Supplier Level Order Minimums and Multiples

Excess Stock Substitute Order Recommendations

Alternate Item Substitute Order Recommendations

Alternate Supplier Substitute Order Recommendations

Warehouse-To-Warehouse Inventory Balancing

Spoke-To-Hub Sweep-Back

Firm-And-Planned Supplier Forecast Report

Item Level/Matrix Pricebreak Logic

Blanket Purchase Order Creation + Management

Order Approval/Review/Confirmation/Splitting

Configurable Item/Customer/Channel Forecast Consumption

Shelf Life / Expiration Forecasting / Lot Tracking

Available To Promise (ATP) Visibility

Max Inventory Level Planning / Item Capacity Constraints

Automated Order Placement & Release Capability

Transfer Order Allocation Wizard

Order Approval Limits

Drop Ship Wizard

Multi-Vendor Orders

Easily maintain accountability and precision among your supplier relationships with the OTIF metrics that count. We’ll empower you to analyze, adapt, and stay in control.


With StockIQ

Location and Supplier Holiday Calendars

Vendor Order Schedule/Delivery Schedules

Vendor Minimums

Lead Time Calculation based Item/Warehouse/Supplier History

Primary Vendor Suggestion/Selection

Lead Time Calculation by Product Attribute Groupings

Statistical Receipt History Data Quality Filtering

Statistical Lead Time Variation Buffering

Lead Time Variance Analysis

Supplier On-Time Analysis

Supplier Ship-Complete Analysis

Supplier Lead Time Over Time Analysis

Open & Late Supply Order Exception Management

Inform and adapt your S&OP with our unusual sales detection and event reporting tools. Continually improve your forecasts and customer relationships.


With StockIQ

Backorder Exception Management

Sales Order Fulfillment Prediction

Sales & Margin Analysis By Item, Warehouse, Aggregate, etc.

Unusual Sales Detection & Exception Management

Customer Analysis & Reporting

Month, Week, and Year-To-Date Sales Analysis

Never worry about overpromising. Plan work orders that balance demand with manufacturing constraints, and gain confidence in your long term capacity plan.


With StockIQ

Rough Cut Capacity Planning

Capacity Load Balancing

Firm Planning Fence

Reduce your forecast error into the single digits, by feeding past and future promotion data from your ERP into our models. Understand the impact, performance, and price sensitivity of promotions.


With StockIQ

Promotion Performance/Uplift Analysis

Promotion Price Sensitivity Analysis

Adjust Forecast for Future Promotions

Adjust Demand History for Past Promotions

Integration is a snap.

Want to learn more?

Step 1

Effortless Connectivity with SAP Business One via StockIQ's Advanced Data Connector!

Utilize StockIQ's out-of-the-box data connector for seamless communication with SAP Business One ERP, simplifying your data exchange process.

Step 2

Data Precision at its Pinnacle

The StockIQ Implementation Team ensures precise mapping of your data in SAP Business One to StockIQ, encompassing even custom fields. This flawless integration ensures your inventory planning operations stay seamlessly aligned with the broader aspects of your business.

Step 3

Swift Analysis, Accurate Forecasting, and Instant Order Launch!

Experience the efficiency as StockIQ suggests Purchase Orders, Stock Transfers, and Production Orders. Execute these recommendations effortlessly with a click, seamlessly transmitting them to SAP Business One ERP.

“StockIQ has a great team supporting us, from the start of the project until now. We love the documentation / videos of "how to's". We also love that it connects right to our ERP system. ”

Optimize your ERP with StockIQ. Get a demo today and experience the difference.

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