Real Results from Real Customers: StockIQ's Testimonials Show Impressive Supply Chain Improvements

“The software is sophisticated and touches on all the important aspects of effective supply planning, yet is intuitive and simple to navigate/use. You don't need to be a seasoned supply planner to use the software, but if you are an expert, you'll have all the tools you need to do your job successfully.”

Sam S.
Owner, Small-Business

StockIQ's ability to seamlessly integrate with our ERP systems (Acumatica and Magento) and their AMAZING support team has made it a pleasure to run our day-to-day stock management and forecasting at Faithful to Nature. Their ability to plan promotions optimally and plan purchase orders by prioritizing the most important ones first has improved our service level and customer experience.

Natalie V.
Health & Home Buyer, Buying Team Leader

Stock IQ is a powerful business tool for Demand & Supply Planning, and Inventory Management. Forecasting at different forecast groups which then get aggregated into one large forecast is a useful function that makes planning for different sales channels easier. This aggregated forecast then gets used in the purchasing module of the tool where its really easy to calibrate, adjust, and calculate orders to the supplier. Furthermore the tool is quite customisable and the Stock IQ team are always up for trying to understand different ways we could use the tool and implement features.

Sean W.

StockIQ takes the best of lots of other demand management platforms and rolls them into one. The team regularly solicits feedback and since implementation they’ve made specific changes to the platform to make sure it works for us. When we are having any purchasing issues, they also brainstorm solutions (and these aren’t software issues, they’re individual company issues).

Andrew C.
Director of Content

Forecast manager is so smooth and so much solid detail in the right places. This is a solid Forecasting and demand planning tool inside the suite that's my main used module

Grafton M.
Inventory Analyst / Supply Chain Logistics Coordinator

StockIQ has a great team supporting us, from the start of the project until now. We love the documentation / videos of "how to's". We also love that it connects right to our ERP system.

Lori K.
Vice President Operations, Presperse

The team at StockIQ has been great to work with. We bring them ideas, and they help us make them reality...When we’ve run into road blocks, their team helps us work through obstacles and develop timelines for functionality their product isn’t capable of yet. We’ve gained so much visibility into the supply chain with StockIQ and having the backing of their great team has made the process seamless.

Amber S.
Director of Procurement & Supply Chain, Midco

StockIQ allowed my team to upgrade from Excel to a real planning software. We make best use of the demand planning, supply planning, inventory expiration alerts, and alert monitoring which tells us when bad things will happen in the future. This tool allows for proactive work rather than reactive, driving value up and down my company's supply chain.

Michael S.
Tender Belly

Stock IQ's developers will work with you to understand your business and provide a tool that fits your specific needs. Our version is highly customized; they even created new features to their software from our suggestions. Their customer service is outstanding as well. You receive replies within a day, if not hours. They are easy to work with, I highly recommend them!

Courtney D.
Buyer/Planner, OrthoPediatrics

Stock IQ has provided drastic improvement on the way we manage sporadic and slow moving inventory. StockIQ does a great job of suggesting the right products and right quantities on our purchase orders. Previously, we would need to do a lot of adjusting after our procurement software suggested an order. This is no longer necessary.

Shari P.
Purchasing Manager, Dental City

I manage a supply chain for a tool company with 6 diverse business segments. StockIQ allows me to easily forecast item level demand in each respective segment, which roll up into 1 planning number for the item/site combinations I need to support across ~5000+ active SKUs!

StockIQ provides a flexible forecasting solution that allows my team to effectively translate inputs from the organization into a dynamic demand stream for various product categories at my company. It's also an invaluable tool for me to understand how actions taken today will PROJECT to impact our inventory positions in the future.

Casey G.
Director of Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP)

They can tailor their offering to best suit our application, which is far from out of the box.

Friendly and patient staff, as happy talking with the pc guru's as they are talking to lay-men like myself. StockIQ provides a flexible forecasting solution that allows my team to effectively translate inputs from the organization into a dynamic demand stream for various product categories at my company. It's also an invaluable tool for me to understand how actions taken today will PROJECT to impact our inventory positions in the future.

Andy S.
Supply Chain Manager

The forecasting is exceptionally accurate. It is effortless to create purchase orders in our ERP automatically from StockIQ, saving both time and preventing input errors.

Rick S.
Regional Director of Information Technology

A responsive team, supply chain planning software that is intuitive and provides all that my planners need to get their job done.

I contacted StockIQ a week after going live on a new ERP. The information our planning department required to launch Purchase and Transfer orders was unavailable. Planners were not getting the necessary information to conduct daily purchases and transfers to branch facilities. The planning team struggled to plan timely replenishments and meet the high volume of replenishments to our hub and satellite facilities due to the lack of information.

The team at StockIQ fast-tracked a start date and completed an implementation and training in three weeks.

The software is very intuitive, making for a rapid adoption with the planners. The planning team was up and running quickly and is planning with confidence.

The user interface provides flexibility in that I can view SKUs in aggregate or individually, which helps analyze the flow of movement. The team at StockIQ is quick to respond to any service requests.

StockIQ is the only software vendor that cares as much about making the software work for you as selling it.

Dan F.

StockIQ to the rescue, 3 week implementation replaced insufficient planning functionality in new ERP

The most helpful part of stock IQ for our business is 1; the year-out forecasting that helps us place orders for the early buys programs we have with our vendors. And 2; The place orders screen, which helps in creating our transfer orders. Additionally, they have an excellent staff who is always available to answer any questions and offer training classes you can take.

Carly S.
Inventory Control Manager

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