Demand Planning

Take charge of your supply chain with StockIQ's demand forecasting

Embrace efficiency and achieve effortless supply chain planning with demand forecasting tools that hand you the reins, helping you make informed predictions to ensure smooth operations.

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Customized forecasts for your unique business

StockIQ lets you pick bottom-up, top-down, or middle-out forecasting at the customer, channel, item, or group level. Forget the one-size-fits-all options, and enjoy the demand planning software shaped to fit your needs — the way you deserve.
DemandPlanning Forecasting

New Items

Your companion for new item introduction

Adding new items to your stock is easy with StockIQ. Guided workflows and simple new part planning let you grow your product range smoothly and efficiently. No hiccups, just steady growth.
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Better accuracy with event-informed forecasts

Don’t let unexpected promotions, new clients, or natural disasters slow you down. StockIQ's event tracking gets you ready for any business situation, so you’re always set to make the most of special events on demand.
StockIQ Event Tracking


Simple promotion planning

Promotion planning gets smarter with StockIQ. With past data tracking and auto-changes for future events, you'll feel the strength of data-backed decision-making across all your promotion plans.
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Stay nimble with real-time monitoring

With StockIQ, accuracy, and speed work together. Make quick changes as your business needs shift, and keep forecasts aligned with confirmed monthly numbers.
StockIQ Realtime Monitoring Graphic

StockIQ makes measurable differences to your demand planning.

Inventory reduction


Improved planning cycle


Explore more supply chain management solutions

Get a demo today, and learn how to upgrade your supply chain planning today with StockIQ.

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