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Welcome to StockIQ's Implementation journey — an efficient and streamlined process designed to help you achieve supply chain excellence.

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Prerequisites + Prevalidation

Get Set for Success

You'll start your supply chain journey on solid ground as we guide you through the essential prerequisites and prevalidation steps. Together, we'll prepare your team and data for a straightforward integration with StockIQ.

Kickoff Icon

Kickoff With Confidence

Before diving into the technical details, we confirm that every prerequisite is in place. We take the time to understand your unique needs, introduce ourselves to your team, and outline the roadmap ahead. Our thorough prevalidation process ensures everyone is aligned and your data is primed for the journey.

TechCheck Setup Icon

Tech Check and Setup

We verify all your IT essentials — from remote access and admin rights to database and query permissions. We'll install StockIQ and handle the backup details, confirming that your data is safe and sound. Your implementation survey responses will shape our strategy, and we'll tweak the project plan to cover any extra data needs you have.


Personalizing Your Experience

Based on a detailed interview, we'll tailor StockIQ to fit your existing operations. We'll set up everything from inventory limits and order policies to time zones and currencies. If you have a specific domain, we'll add it to the help center, and if your setup requires it, we'll configure hub/spoke structures and inter-site lead times.

Detailed Evaluations Icon

Detailed Evaluations for Precision

Does your network setup match your plan? We'll verify that right down to the homepage stats. We'll scrutinize your order recommendations, from values to unit conversions, to confirm they’re spot-on. And when we look at your forecast manager, we'll check for sensible history depth and status indicators to give you a clear view ahead.

Backup Assurance Icon

Backup Assurance

We handle your backups, no matter where they live. You can rest easy knowing your data is secure and at your fingertips when needed.

Orders Under Lens Icon

Orders Under the Lens

Early on, we put your orders to the test. We run trials for purchase orders, work orders, and transactions to spot and fix any hiccups and make sure your whole order system speaks the same language.

Data Speed Icon

Data at Speed

We aim for error rates below one in ten on your data feeds. SQL queries? We fine-tune them to bring you quicker, sharper insights.

Clarity History Icon

Clarity in History

We turn your Forecast Manager into a trusted tool, presenting a solid three-year history and clear hierarchies so you can skip the guesswork and count on orders that reflect real-time insights.

Integration + Validation

Achieve Full Integration in Four Weeks

You can count on us to bring StockIQ into your workflow smoothly and quickly. Within 28 days, we guarantee a precise and high-performing setup.

Account Onboarding Icon

Effortless Account Onboarding

With a focus on accuracy and ease, we create key user accounts and make sure every detail is accurate. It's our job to verify that your inventory appears correctly at each site, the on-hand quantities are correct, and the pricing aligns with your standards. Non-stock items are tagged to avoid unnecessary orders, and stock-policy items have their order policies in check.

Orders Onpoint Icon

Orders on Point

We clean up your ERP system so it's fresh and up to date and verify that your supply orders are current and accurate, reflecting correct ERP order numbers and purchase prices. The forecast manager undergoes a thorough validation to guarantee that your high-volume and seasonal items' forecasts are realistic and that dependent demands are calculated correctly.

Forcasting FineTune Icon

Forecasting Fine-Tuned

We comb through your Forecast Manager, confirming the hierarchy and groups are spot-on. We analyze demand forecasts for consistency, getting your safety stock and target levels just right to meet demand effectively.

Order Details Verified Icon

Order Details Verified

Every order placed goes through a thorough check. We look at supplier types, quantities, dates, and every small detail to ensure everything is lined up.

PO Integrity Icon

Purchase Order Integrity

Our process ensures your purchase orders merge seamlessly with your ERP. From start to finish, your data stays accurate and consistent.

Transfer Order Icon

Transfer Orders Perfected

We make sure your transfer orders register without a snag in your ERP. Receipt dates, unit measures, transfer numbers — we check it all for effortless tracking.

WorkOrder Integrated Icon

Work Orders Integrated

Your work orders enter your ERP without errors. Production dates, quantities, costs — we verify it all for unwavering reliability.

Launch + Adoption

Maximize Your Investment with Expert Training

After StockIQ goes live, we'll train your team to help you make the most of your new system. When you work with us, you’re investing in more than software but in a smarter way to work.

Training Operations Icon

Training for Smooth Operations

Post-implementation, we'll switch on the full capabilities of StockIQ. Your team will receive extensive training to master the application, paving the way for optimal use. We'll wipe the slate clean of any test data and set the stage for your operational reality, confirming the system's readiness through successful automated refresh routines each night.

Expert User Icon

Cultivate Expert Users

Our focus is on making your key players proficient with StockIQ. By scheduling regular system updates, we keep performance at its peak. Rest assured, we're here to address any inquiries or issues as they arise, ensuring no questions go unanswered and no problem is left unresolved.

Continued Improve Icon

Foster Continuous Improvement

Introducing you to our Customer Success team signals our commitment to your long-term mastery of StockIQ. With scheduled health checks and strategic adoption discussions, we'll collaborate to craft a plan that ensures StockIQ is a perfect fit for your business.

Strategy Icon

Strategic Tool Utilization

We'll review the Demand Planner and Purchasing playbooks with you, confirming their active application in your daily workflow. Establishing a routine process guide, we'll guarantee that forecasting becomes a powerful tool for inventory management with StockIQ.

Order Manage Icon

Seamless Order Management

Your team will become adept at managing orders with precision — from placing them with vendors to overseeing transfers and executing work orders, all becoming part of your operational rhythm.

Alert Adoption Icon

Alert Adaptation

Leverage the power of StockIQ alerts to keep your operations proactive. By comparing forecasted outcomes with actual results, we'll help you phase out outdated methods and embrace a new standard of operational foresight.

Engage Users Icon

Engaged User Base

We aim for each team member to engage with StockIQ actively. Through a smooth handover to our support experts, we'll ensure any lingering data concerns are addressed, leaving you with a system that's as clean as it is efficient.

“I’ve done integrations with seven or eight softwares in my career, and I have never had as positive a customer service experience as I’ve had with StockIQ.”

Nick Conaty,
Supply Chain Manager, BuildASign

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