Promotion Planning

Ramp up sales with our promotion planning tools.

Create targeted promotions for stronger customer connections, improving sales and service level consistency.

StockIQ PromoPlanning Illustration

Your new promotion planning hub

Your all-in-one solution for smarter promotion planning

Simplify your marketing with StockIQ's one-stop performance tracking. Get useful tips on making your sales and promos work better. Set yourself up for future wins backed by solid data.

Promotion Planning Hub

Promotion strategy snapshot

A reliable glimpse into your promotion's future impact

Check out a full view of all the things that shape how your promos will do. Get a leg up on competitors with StockIQ's savvy promotion planning tools and learn the top moves to boost your sales and profits.


Monitor promotions in real-time

Keep an eye on promos as they happen for better planning

Grab the reins of your promo plans with StockIQ's live activity tracking. Watch new and changing promotions, keep up with supplier shifts, and tweak your promo schedule to suit your unique business needs.

Promotions Monitor RealTime

StockIQ makes measurable differences to your promotion planning.

Inventory reduction


Improved planning cycle


Explore more supply chain management solutions

Get a demo today and take your promotion planning to the next level with StockIQ.

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Top 10 Inventory Practices of Top Performing Distributors

What differentiates high-performing distributors from the rest of the pack? They're implementing these best practices for inventory management.

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