What is Consumption Based Planning and Ordering?

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Managing inventory appropriately is essential for businesses in the supply chain. Keeping the right amount of stock on hand allows businesses to meet customer demand while avoiding fees associated with excess stock, fueling profitability. For this to be the case, decision-makers need to use planning and ordering methods which lead to accurate stock levels. One […]

How Environmental Changes Affect the Supply Chain

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The global supply chain operates in a volatile ecosystem, and it’s susceptible to disruptions, changes, and challenges. While economic fluctuations are common and well-known, many other factors influence the way the supply chain functions. One example is climate change. The impacts of climate change on the global supply chain are numerous, and in recent years, […]

Warehouse Automation Systems and Trends in 2024

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Warehouses are undergoing a digital revolution, fueled by developing technologies, the rise of e-commerce, and shifting consumer expectations. While warehouse automation systems are not new, there are many recent advancements and trends to watch out for in 2024, which warehouse managers and business owners should be aware of. Warehouse automation has played a significant role […]

“Right-Sizing” Historical COVID-Driven Demand to Minimize Its Impact on Future Forecasts

The COVID-19 pandemic rattled global supply chains and left inventory-based businesses scrambling. While the pandemic shook up many industries, and the work landscape was impacted as a whole, the global supply chain experienced severe disruptions. COVID demand for products and supplies was sometimes far different than usual demand, for example, and led to shortages and […]

Forecasting Sales for Inventory-Based Organizations

One of the most valuable and critical tools for an inventory-based business is the ability to predict what sales will look like in the future. Accurately forecasting sales can help businesses make tactical decisions about production, inventory levels, and overall business strategy. These forecasts can also help maintain the delicate balance between supply and demand […]

6 Forecasting Errors and How To Avoid Them

Forecasting errors can cause serious problems for an inventory-based business. If you fail to correctly predict high demand for inventory, you will miss sales. On the other hand, if you fail to accurately predict a decline in demand, you may find it difficult to move out unwanted merchandise, which can mean that you end up […]

How To Improve Your Sales Order Fulfillment Process

Your order fulfillment process is a critical part of keeping your business moving forward smoothly. You want to receive orders, pack them, and ship them out in as effective a manner as possible to help improve overall customer satisfaction. Are you working to improve your sales order fulfillment process? There are several key steps you […]

What to Expect From an Inventory Forecasting Solution

Effectively managing your inventory is a critical part of ensuring overall business success. With increasing supply shortages and other challenges across many industries, it has become necessary to carefully monitor your inventory needs, including forecasting future needs to provide for your customers. An inventory forecasting solution can deliver those critical insights and give you more […]

Everything To Know About Seasonal Demand Forecasting

For most inventory-based businesses, demand naturally fluctuates throughout the year. Some businesses see primarily seasonal sales, with the bulk of their sales for the year taking place during specific times. Others may notice that they have peaks and valleys that occur at predictable rates. Still others may notice that the stock they sell changes dramatically […]

How Do Businesses Use Inventory Forecasting Software To Prepare for Unexpected Downturns?

The last two years have seen unprecedented disruption across many businesses and industries. Businesses have found themselves struggling with inventory shortages and supply chain challenges. Not only that, many sources are warning of a potential economic downturn. Small business owners and large business owners alike are wondering how they can prepare for a potential downturn […]

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