When & Why to Barcode in D365

Increasingly, many people are looking for strategies that will allow them to use barcodes to help streamline specific processes across their business. D365 offers barcoding options that can make it easy for you to set up and track your products. Do you need to create barcodes in D365? There are several times when it might […]

Top 9 Microsoft Business Central Tips & Tricks

In a previous post, we discussed the benefits of moving from Microsoft’s Dynamics GP product to Dynamics 365 Business Central. If you’ve made the switch, you’ll likely want to make the most of it. Business Central  is a powerful and intuitive tool, but, if you haven’t had any training there are likely some great features […]

Microsoft Dynamics GP to Business Central

As Microsoft continues to shift its focus towards its cloud-first 365 ecosystems, many companies are struggling to understand the position of their current Microsoft solutions. Will Microsoft Dynamics GP continue to receive top-notch support and updates? Is Microsoft still committed to Dynamics GP, or is it on its last legs? And how do you migrate […]

How To: Supply Chain Planning in Microsoft D365

Supply chains have the potential to connect people, experiences, and goods together in powerful ways. The total impact of your supply chain — from sourcing to shipping — isn’t just a value-driver that bridges your products and services to profits: it’s the foundational heart of your entire company. Unfortunately, managing that supply chain is a […]

Inventory Forecasting Within Microsoft D365 and Business Central

Inventory control is the table stakes of supply chain management for 3PLs and distributors. At the end of the day, despite whatever pressures or short-term challenges are weighing on your supply chain, predicting inventory demand and managing inventory loss is your single most important responsibility. Here’s the problem: historical accuracy rates for inventory management stand […]

Which is Correct (For You)? Microsoft Dynamics vs. NetSuite

For many supply chain managers, navigating the hyper-complex, increasingly-globalized supply chain ecosystem is a challenging and restless affair. From political tensions to tariffs, black swan events, and acute climate events, there are plenty of nuanced situations developing daily that require time, energy, and patience to solve. One of those situations shouldn’t be inventory. Unfortunately, the […]

A Thorough Look at Dynamics 365: Business Central vs. Finance and Operations

McKinsey suggests that next-gen supply chain management software like Dynamics can cut operation costs by 30% across-the-board. But how do you figure out which version of Dynamics works best for you? Despite Microsoft leading the charge in the ERP space, they’re versioning and naming isn’t always clear-cut. To date, there have been hundreds of versions […]

Understanding Microsoft D365 and Inventory-Based Businesses

Unlike IoT, neural networks, AR, and a swarm of other emerging technology, ERPs aren’t mid-horizon investments for massive companies with hefty R&D budgets and a nest of fancy “idea incubation” chambers. ERPs enjoy near-universal adoption across inventory-based businesses. Unfortunately, having an ERP isn’t the same as having the right ERP. The average ERP launch costs […]

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