Time For an Upgrade? Check Out Our Competitive “Trade In” Program

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Best Supply Chain Software & Support

In today’s landscape of rapidly changing supply chains, your company needs the best planning solution in order to stay ahead of these changes and stay agile and profitable.

Why Trade In?

For this reason, StockIQ is excited to announce its competitive “Trade In” program for qualifying planning systems.

With your existing system, are you finding:

  • A lack of modern features?
  • Old technology platform?
  • Poor or nonexistent support?
  • New solution did not deliver on implementation or feature promises?
  • Provider has gone out of business?

StockIQ Advantage

If your current solution does not provide you the features, support, or consulting that you need in order to complete the People, Process, and Tools trifecta, then trade in your old software for a new solution from StockIQ.

With this program, StockIQ offers:

  • Discounts on your software license fees.
  • Flexible payment terms if necessary.
  • “Express” short-term implementation; we’ll get you up and running quickly.

Free Demo

Contact us for a demo and competitive “Trade In” quote today to learn how we can help you migrate to StockIQ’s Intelligent Supply Chain Planning. Please get in touch today by sending a message to


“StockIQ got us converted from our old system in just a few weeks after it became clear that the hosted solution we had purchased was not going to meet our needs – we were cutting PO’s within 4 weeks. It’s been almost 3 years now and we’ve never looked back.”
— Doug Donnell, Vice President of Purchasing & Compliance, Hit Promotional Products

“After attending StockIQ’s user conference as a guest, we made the decision to leave our legacy planning system and move to StockIQ. We used their Express Implementation and they had us switched over in less than a month – WOW. Their software and support has been amazing.”
— Rhonda Cadorette, Director of Purchasing and Technology, Redhawk

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