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Any time you adopt a new program or platform, there is a period of time during which your business must adjust to those new needs and expectations. You need to learn how to use that platform to its fullest extent, and you need a good idea of all its features and how they compare to solutions you may have used in the past. In addition, it may take time to get all your data swapped over and ensure that you’re prepared for what’s ahead.

Having a partner who will stay with you through the implementation and adoption process can impact your ability to successfully navigate those changes. 

Installing and Implementing Smoothly

Installing and implementing a new software solution can take time. It may take some trial and error to get a new platform started.

When you have a partner that sticks with you through those early implementation processes, you can feel much more confident that everything has been installed correctly and that you have all the hardware you need to make it work correctly.

Furthermore, by partnering with a company that will stay with you through those early stages, you may get a much smoother installation process, which means you can start taking full advantage of that new system sooner. 

Understanding Key Features

Any new platform, including your inventory management solution, can come with many features and some solutions, most of which can impact your business. If you do not have a solid understanding of those features, you may not be able to fully use them.

By working with a partner that will stick with you through the implementation process, you can get to know the features available to you much better, which puts you in a better position to fully use them.

By partnering with you through the early days of your implementation, your inventory management provider can also ensure that you and your team members are fully informed about the features and solutions that will work best for your company. As they walk you through using the product, your partner can make more suggestions about the platform’s benefits and how to make the most of it.

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Troubleshooting Problems

Working with a partner who sticks with you through the entire implementation process means you will have assistance on hand to help troubleshoot any issues that might arise.

Sometimes, you might have concerns related to implementation: for example, if your data did not transfer properly. Other times, you may have trouble with integrations that should work with your new solution, but that doesn’t seem to be working as you had hoped.

When your partner sticks with you through the integration process, you can get help with troubleshooting from an experienced team that has dealt with those problems before and therefore, will have a better idea of how to get your system running smoothly.

Worker Support

When you start using a new platform, it can take time for your team to start actively using it. In many cases, while some team members may quickly adapt to the new solution, others may struggle to figure out how to best use those new options.

By working with a partner that will stick with you through implementation, you can get access to training and support for those workers. They can then feel more confident in their ability to effectively use those solutions, which means they will be more likely to make the most of them.

Increased Engagement

When your partner works with you through the entire implementation and adoption process, you will find that your workers are more likely to engage with the new platform and that, they are more likely to fully adopt it and everything it has to offer.

As many as 63% of businesses don’t really know what inventory they have on hand. Only an estimated 6% of companies report full visibility into their supply chains. Despite that, it may prove difficult to get employees to adopt a new inventory management or supply chain management system. 

Increased engagement, on the other hand, can raise the odds that your team will adopt the new system. By choosing a partner that will stick with you through the implementation process, you may find that employees have more chances to engage with the new software and are, therefore, more likely to fully embrace what it has to offer. 

Assessing Adoption

When you work with a provider that partners with you through the implementation period, it’s not just about ensuring that you know how to use the system. Your partner can also work with you to ensure that you use the system. Sometimes, you may think that you have found the ideal technology solution.

Later, however, you may discover that it simply doesn’t work for you, or that it doesn’t do what you thought it did.

By working with a partner who will stick with you through the implementation process, you can ensure that your new inventory management system gets used. Your partner can ask questions about why you aren’t using the system, what you might need to make it more effective, and even what you might be missing about using the system so that you can choose how to use it as effectively as possible.

Stock IQ Partners with You Through Implementation and Adoption

At Stock IQ, we offer a service that most of our competitors don’t: a partnership that continues, not just through the sales period, but through implementation and adoption.

We work with our clients to ensure that they know exactly how to set up their new systems correctly and that employees have everything they need to move forward with that implementation successfully. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how they can help improve the overall effectiveness of your inventory management solution.

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