The Partner Channel Interview with StockIQ Technologies

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In 2015, Jeffrey teamed up with two of his previous colleagues from RockySoft who had formed their own company and had devoted a year to developing a new inventory planning solution for the Microsoft Dynamics market: StockIQ.

Jeffrey explains, “We began with a wonderful opportunity to focus 100 percent on development of an application from the ground up. We’ve combined our industry experience and background with new state-of-the-art technology to come out of the gate with a market-ready, deployable, and feature-rich supply chain planning application for distributors and manufacturers.”

“Not everyone gets the opportunity to hit the reset button, but we get to start over, doing what we all love to do, with the benefit of two decades of experience to guide us,” Jeffrey shares. These last few years have allowed the trio to define StockIQ’s strategy and core values. Even though the company itself is new, their 60 years of combined experience, along with the opportunity to start fresh, have put them in an ideal position.

Click here to read the full interview that appeared in the 2017 Summer Issue of The Partner Channel Magazine.


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