StockIQ Welcomes Todd Warnygora as Customer Experience Lead

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StockIQ Welcomes Todd Warnygora as Customer Experience Lead

The StockIQ team is growing and we couldn’t be more excited to welcome Todd Warnygora to his new role as Customer Experience Lead. Todd has dedicated the last two decades to supply chain planning software and process optimization, and he will be a valuable resource for our employees and customers. Find out why Todd may be a new name around StockIQ, but most of our team has known him for years. We sat down for a Q&A chat with Todd to help our customers learn more about him and why they, too, should look forward to working with him!

Q: How did you get started in the supply chain world?

My degree is in Industrial Engineering, but my passion is improving processes. Companies managing complex supply chains face a lot of challenges and it’s rewarding to help them overcome those challenges.

From 1999 through 2007, I was on contract with Hewlett Packard and that’s where I started assisting with supply chain and business intelligence initiatives as well as managing business applications. In 2001, I was a contract consultant for supply chain management software company and that’s where I met a lot of the people who are at StockIQ now. I worked in implementation and support and really enjoyed working closely with clients to give them a software system that would solve their challenges. So in 2007, I went back to that company full time. The last 12 years have been dedicated to supply chain solutions for ERP systems in various lead roles from Implementation and Support to VP of Professional Services.

Q: What brought you to StockIQ?

I’ve known the leadership team since 2001 and know how dedicated they are to supply chain innovation. For me, it was a little like coming home. The great thing about StockIQ is that product development doesn’t have to go through a lot of red tape like big companies where systems are too heavy and get stuck in legacy processes. We listen to our customers and get real-world feedback that we take directly to product development. We are continuously enhancing the product without having to wait months or years. StockIQ is very customer-centric and have taken 20 years of experience in expertise in supply chain to streamline a modern solution that is cutting edge. That’s really exciting to be a part of.

Q: What are you most excited about in your new role as Customer Experience Lead?

I really have a passion for helping customers develop processes around inventory management and supply chain optimization. Part of that is through software, part of it is through training and support, but the most important thing is listening to the customers. I want to deliver something that benefits their company, helps their return on investment come to fruition, and helps them attain a higher service level with less investment in inventory. In my role, I’ll be able to do a little bit of everything and combine all my experience to ensure customers are getting exactly what they need to succeed.

Q: What do you feel are the strengths you bring to StockIQ and its customers?

I hope my deep knowledge of the supply chain is an asset for our customers. I recently had a nice recommendation from a former client that said I “went above and beyond” for them and that’s what I try to do with every customer. I like to stay engaged to help them devise processes around forecasting, purchasing, inventory, etc., and that engagement doesn’t end once the software is installed. I’ll make sure implementation, training and support continue to exceed their expectations.

Q: Want a few more fun facts about Todd?

He is a Minnesota native who has lived in Colorado for 23 years with his wife and 2 daughters. He loves traveling, playing hockey and sailboat racing.

Thanks to Todd for chatting with us and sharing his goals as StockIQ’s Customer Experience Lead. We can’t wait for you to meet him!

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