What’s New From StockIQ? A Peek Into 2023

2022 has seen a lot of new releases from StockIQ as we aim to continue to provide the high standard of service and support our customers expect. We are constantly updating our systems and working to provide a higher standard of service so that you have the features you need to manage your inventory and […]

A Guide to Co-Manufacturing

A co-manufacturing arrangement allows a third party to take care of the manufacturing process for your goods. In many cases, those large businesses can manage the manufacturing process faster and more effectively than smaller retailers. However, to determine whether co-manufacturing is the most effective arrangement for your company and whether you have chosen the right […]

What Does the Next Gen Supply Chain Look Like?

The future is here. Technology continues to advance by leaps and bounds in many arenas, including supply chain planning and management. Throughout the supply chain challenges of the past couple of years, from shortages in truckers to strikes and inventory shortages, technology has continued to grow by leaps and bounds, increasing the way many businesses […]

A Highlight of the Top 7 StockIQ Blogs for 2021

At StockIQ, we aim to provide the latest information on how to manage your supply chain challenges. We help you learn how to use the tools at your disposal, how to keep up with the challenges you may have faced throughout the year as supply chain needs change and shortages make it difficult to keep […]

Acumatica and Intelligent Supply Chain Planning (for the Mid-Sized Inventory Business)

Acumatica is frequently promoted  as a solution for large enterprises. However, it’s ideal for mid-sized inventory businesses, as well. In fact, when combined with Stock IQ’s intelligent supply chain planning solutions, Acumatica can prove even more essential for mid-sized businesses than large ones. There’s a reason StockIQ is a sponsor at Acumatica Summit 2022 in […]

The Importance of (SaaS) ERP Upgrades

Keeping up with updates: for many companies, it seems like a lot more trouble than it’s worth. You must  set a time for those updates when you aren’t in the middle of using the platform, deal with slowdowns while the update is installed, and make sure that everything is installed properly once it’s done. Is […]

Two Problems: Long Replenishment Cycle and Tribal Knowledge

Almost every business has an “expert.” This employee has the tenure, knowledge, and technical capabilities to deliver excellence in a particular business function. Unfortunately, your experts will eventually retire or leave. In fact, 25% of the inventory and manufacturing workforce is over 55. And roughly 3 percent of the U.S. workforce outright quits their jobs […]

The Overview: SAP Business One and Inventory-Based Enterprises

Recently, we’ve been exploring the ever-expanding ocean of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Warehouse Management Solutions (WMS) on the market and how they provide tangible value to inventory-based businesses. As we all continue to grasp the unique operational challenges of this disruptive decade, adequate inventory planning continues to be the single most critical component of […]

Predictive Analytics vs. Predictive Forecasting

Both predictive analytics and predictive forecasting can be critical tools to use in your supply chain enterprise. Gaining an understanding of what they each are and when to use them can help improve your profit margins. With one tool, you get a look at the history of the items in your database, and with the […]

3 Ways to Tighten Up Your Supply Planning Process

Supply planning is about managing and planning the inventory supply to meet customer demand. It’s the entire planning process, which includes distribution, manufacturing, and procurement operations according to demand forecasts, capacity constraints and material availability.  There are a variety of gaps in the supply planning process where errors typically occur, but there are also concrete […]

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