A Highlight of the Top 7 StockIQ Blogs for 2021

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At StockIQ, we aim to provide the latest information on how to manage your supply chain challenges. We help you learn how to use the tools at your disposal, how to keep up with the challenges you may have faced throughout the year as supply chain needs change and shortages make it difficult to keep up with demand, and more. Our leaders have looked   at some of our best blogs for the year. Here are the highlights.

Curtis Glesmann, CTO

Inventory Forecasting with Acumatica: Everything You Need to Know

Acumatica offers accurate inventory forecasting that can make it easier to keep up with stock needs, even as supply chain issues continue, and many companies struggle to keep their inventory on the shelves. 

Acumatica offers everything from built-in algorithms that are ideal for keeping up with regular stick needs to the ability to make changes based on special events or the changing needs of your target audience. This post gives you a better look at how you can use Acumatica effectively to shape your inventory management. 

How To: Supply Chain Planning in Microsoft D365

Microsoft D365, when used in conjunction with StockIQ, offers a much more effective way to keep up with supply chain planning needs. 2021 has seen a number of unique supply chain challenges, including shifts in the way many businesses need to focus on keeping their inventory up to date to keep up with demand despite  shortages and supply chain challenges across the country and around the world. 

There are many ways that Microsoft Dynamics 365 can be utilized, along with Stock IQ, to keep up with those supply chain planning needs more effectively. 

Inventory Planning with NetSuite

NetSuite is an umbrella product that businesses can use for a variety of purposes, from tracking their financial information to managing e-commerce stores and even managing inventory. Its Warehouse Management Systems, which require a unique license, are designed to help manage inventory and keep up with supply chain planning. 

In conjunction with StockIQ, the NetSuite Warehouse Management System can make it much easier to keep up with many of a business’s supply chain needs, including planning for future inventory needs ahead of time so that you aren’t caught off-guard by the changing needs of your target audience.

Jeffrey Porter, CMO

The Perfect Storm Causing Global Supply Chain Disruption

Throughout 2021, it has  been impossible to ignore supply chain disruptions: slowed shipping times, difficulty sourcing many items, and a host of other problems, including a lack of manufacturing in some areas as Covid-19 led to shutdowns and other challenges. 

In this blog post, Jeffrey looks at many of the features that have combined to lead to immense supply chain disruption for many businesses and industries across the country, from the challenges of dealing with Covid-19 to the challenges associated with China’s tariffs and the need to shift many supply bases out of China. 

As many businesses have shifted their manufacturing needs out of China, it has caused further examples of disruption that many businesses have struggled to handle and keep up with–and that in addition to the other problems plaguing manufacturers and distributors alike. 

What Features Should You Look for in a Supply Chain Planning Solution?

After a look at all the issues leading to supply chain disruption, it comes as little surprise to most business owners and management teams that they need a robust supply chain planning solution that can help them track demand, plan for potential purchases, and deal with shortages along the way. With so many solutions to choose from, it can prove difficult to select exactly the right one for any given business. 

Many business owners find themselves struggling to figure out exactly what they need from their supply chain planning solution. In this post, Jeffrey looks at how to make sure you’re getting the ideal solution for your specific needs, from how to identify the problems you’re actually trying to solve to the features that make a more effective solution.

Jake Latham, CEO

As We Move Out of Covid, 8 Ways to Ensure Your Supply Chain & Forecasting Programs Are Protected

The pandemic has permanently changed the way many businesses look at their supply chains and their overall needs. Even as the world moves out of the pandemic and things start to go back to normal, many businesses have realized that they need to change the way they operate. hey need to evolve their supply chains so that future disruptions do not cause such major problems and concerns. 

There are several lessons to take from the pandemic, including how to improve risk management, how to centralize supply operations to create fewer delays, and even how to better enhance demand forecasts so that businesses can prepare ahead for the future needs of their customers. 

How To: Distributors and Omnichannel Forecasting

Inventory management, especially when it comes to the omnichannel shopping gateway, has put more pressure on distributors than ever before. Customers want same-day pickup. They want to use promotion codes. They want convenience. 

Omnichannel shopping–ensuring that customers have the same experience no matter how they interact with your brand and your store–has complicated the supply chain forecasting process. With the right strategies, however, many businesses have found that they can improve omnichannel forecasting and continue to maintain the inventory their customers expect. StockIQ is positioned to help you maintain that critical inventory forecasting and ensure that you’re ready to meet those demands. 

2021 has been quite a year for businesses, and there are many demands coming in the future that may create equal challenges. StockIQ is here to help your business meet its supply chain planning and forecasting needs. Contact us today for more information about our services–or let us know what you think about our top posts of 2021 and how they’ve helped you learn more about supply chain planning and the solutions available to you.

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